Appel à communication du réseau Ambiances / 4e congrès international

Intitulé « Ambiances, Alloasthesia: Senses, Inventions, Worlds », le 4e congrès international du réseau international Ambiances, aura lieu du 2 au 4 décembre 2020 à l’Université de Californie Santa Barbara.

L’appel à communication est prolongé jusqu’au 30 avril 2020. Le colloque fait l’objet d’une nouvelle organisation pratique avec un colloque en ligne avant une édition présentielle, détaillée sur le site de Ambiances.

Call for papers

« The 4th Congress of the International Ambiances Network aims to bring together a large community of academics, practitioners, artists and students working on, with or through ambiances. The mobilization of this tryptic underlines the diversity of the forms of mobilization of the notion of atmosphere, which questions the sensitive world in terms of: research subject, category of analysis, and dispositif for action.

The topic of ambiances and atmospheres has carried out its deployment for more than four decades, and the questions associated with it are constantly being renewed. The vitality of ambiance/atmosphere as an object of study and as a field of research and practice is particularly sensitive through the continuous development of the International AmbiancesNetwork, with more than a thousand members spread over all continents, and belonging to disciplines ranging from Architecture and Urban Design, to Social Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Arts and Humanities (see

After the Congresses of Grenoble (Creating an Atmosphere, 2008), Montreal (Ambiances in Action, 2012) and Volos (Ambiances, Tomorrow: The Future of Ambiances, 2016), this 4th Congressentitled « Ambiances, Alloaesthesia: Senses, Inventions, Worlds » focuses on the renewal of the forms of feeling in a world that is undergoing major changes. Composed by “allo” which stands for “other, of another kind”, using the term alloaesthesiaaim to characterize: other senses, or senses of another kind, and suggests to be comprehensive of the emergence of potential new kinds of senses and sensibilities. This Congress aims to consider how the contemporary environmental, social, technological, political and ethical changes are likely to affect the sensitive worlds, their ambiances, and the ways of experiencing them.

How do the aforementioned changes question the research on ambiances and atmospheres, at epistemological, theoretical, methodological and practical levels? These questions are divided into the following three thematic areas:

1/ New sensitizations

2/ Human and non-human sensitivities.

3/ Artificial and extended sensibility

Beyond this general framework and these three themes, the Congress of the International Ambiances Network aims to be representative of the thematic and disciplinary diversity, of the most contemporary researcheson Ambiances and Atmospheres. Themed sessions, panels and workshops (see session gallery at the end of this call, as well as on the website of the conference), as well as installations and posters, performances and aesthetic experiences, will make this meeting a key moment for exchanges, the dissemination of knowledge, and the federation of an international community of research, pedagogy and practice on ambiances and affective atmospheres. »

Toutes les informations sont à retrouver sur le site de Ambiances

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